What type of curriculum will UCA use?

Curriculum is what students learn during their time at UCA. Part of our commitment to rethink the traditional high school experience is to recognize that students are learning important things all the time. Our job as educators involves capturing what has been learned and how it connects with our school mission.

  1. At UCA, students will be able to demonstrate learning mastery inside and outside the classroom. Our approach to education will allow students to show learning in the following activities and more.

    1. Academic courses

    2. Athletics

    3. Competitive academic teams

    4. Student clubs

    5. Student Internships

    6. Summer Jobs

  2. All curriculum at UCA is intentionally designed according to the following six principles:

    1. Community Integration

    2. Self Knowledge

    3. Authentic Work

    4. Collaboration

    5. Servant Leadership

    6. Heart, Mind, and Hands

  3. To this end, we will design our own curriculum based on accepted content standards or adopt curriculum that aligns with our design principles. An example of the latter is Illustrative Mathematics, which emphasizes deep mathematical understanding and the ability to have mathematical conversations instead of just memorizing equations for a test.

Will UCA teach Bible?

Yes, the Bible will be a core of our curriculum at UCA. Our aim in studying the Bible is to be spiritually formed in the image of Christ, we will emphasize formation over memorizing information alone. In our spiritual formation classes, we strive toward this goal through studying the Bible, participation in discipleship groups, regular community service and the integration of faith and the entire curriculum.

Does UCA incorporate field trips into its curriculum?

Yes, but not in the traditional sense. Students at UCA will regularly take part in “off campus learning experiences” that have been intentionally planned and integrated into the curriculum. We will experience Chicagoland in order to conduct research, interviews, visit important cultural destinations and much more. Our communities are an integral “fifth wall” of UCA classrooms.

Will UCA have a band or a choir?

The arts provide an important opportunity to know God and His people. UCA will offer both instrumental and vocal performance opportunities (praise team). Fostering the growth of our students musical abilities aligns perfectly with our school mission. THe types of opportuities afforded to UCA students will depend on the interest and needs of the students themselves. Students will have an important seat at the table in shaping the arts experience at UCA.


UCA offers breakfast and lunch that is catered from a licensed approved catering company that will be nutritious and planned by a registered dietitian. This is offered at an additional cost and is not included in tuition.

How many AP classes will UCA offer?

UCA will adopt AP classes when appropriate and advantageous for students. We will also offer dual credit courses through our partnership with South Suburban College in South Holland. Students seeking advancement and an expanded curriculum are also encouraged to explore summer and online learning opportunity.

Will UCA require uniforms?

The UCA community will not require uniforms but will embrace a dress code that values modesty, professionalism, and the desire for serious learning.

How large will class sizes be?

Our approach to learning mandates a smaller class size because we value depth, not breadth of coverage in all academic areas. To that end, our desired class size is 18 to 1.

Will UCA have athletics?

We view athletics in the same light as academics and the arts. Our mission is to foster the growth of our students’ many God-given abilities with include athletics. Like the arts, the types of opportunities afforded to UCA students will depend on the interest and needs of the students  themselves. Currently, we offer Creative Arts Club, Engineering Club, Mock Trial, Praise Team, Student Government and Ensemble (Band).

Will students need to purchase a tablet or computer?

We consider devices an integral aspect of a students educational experience in the 21st century. All students will receive a device that is included in the cost of tuition.

Will service learning or serving in the community be done by UCA students?

Yes, absolutely! One of our 6 curriculum design principles is community integration. Practically, this means that our students’ learning is situated in Chicagoland, amidst all the needs, opportunities, and issues related to this community. UCA students will regularly serve in the community as a direct result of their academic learning.

When will enrollment open?

Enrollment is open for the 2019-20 School year! Start the process of joining the UCA family here.

What is the tuition for a UCA student?

We believe an education at Unity Christian Academy is worth the investment you make as a family. We also believe that in our pursuit of excellence and diversity as a Christ-centered school, we are called to ensure that this valuable education is affordable for any family who desires to partner with us. Economic diversity isn’t just something we just hope for; it is a core value of UCA and an added-value for our families as we seek to empower students to impact an incredibly diverse world. We hope you see this in our Tuition Policy at Unity Christian Academy.

Tuition is 10% of a family’s adjusted gross income. Here is more information about tuition at UCA.

Will students have ID cards?

Yes, UCA students will have ID cards with their photos that must be worn at all times and at off campus learning experiences.

Can I check my child’s grades online?

Parents, students, and teachers will all have online access to student displays of learning.

Will extra help be available after/during school?

Yes, absolutely! Not learning is not an option. Students will understand concepts before moving on to new ones. Our learning focused culture and flexible schedule/calendar will provide daily opportunities for extra help. Through teacher tutoring, peer relationships, and robust online resources, students will have many options for seeking out extra help.

Will UCA prepare my child to get into a good college?

Yes, all students may not immediately choose this path after high school but they will be able to if they desire. We believe and research clearly shows that some college experience will be a necessity for all students now and in the foreseeable future. UCA’s curriculum has been intentionally crafted to provide students with the rigor and diversity of study required for entrance into a 4 year college.

What if a uca student has friends in other schools?

That’s ok. UCA will not exist on an island, separate from all other teenagers. Whether through athletic competition/spectating, clubs, or other planned events, UCA students will have plenty of opportunities to develop relationships with students at other schools.

How will classes at UCA be different?

This is a very good question with lots of potential answers. Here are a few.

  • Classes at UCA will be active and engaging.

  • All teachers at UCA understand that their job is not to offer bell to bell lectures. This is not best for students.

  • Classes at UCA will intentionally develop student leadership and collaboration.