our mission

Empowering a diverse community, united by Christ, to achieve excellence in education for the flourishing of all creation. 

our values


Our students graduate with increased confidence and clarity about their future. The UCA learning process encourages all students to recognize and develop their unique gifts and to boldly use them for the good of others.


We seek to admit and serve students and families from all social, economic, ecumenical and cultural backgrounds. A diverse learning community deeply committed to one another stands as a powerful testament to the Gospel and prepares students to seek restoration in a world marred by conflict and injustice.


The school we create together enthusiastically affirms the Gospel of Jesus Christ and it is by this hope alone that we seek unity in diversity. The love of Christ compels us to work together for the restoration of this world.


As a result of our obedience to Christ, we promote relational, rigorous, and relevant scholarship that integrates faith and learning. Students and teachers must invest all the knowledge, skills, and gifts they have been given so as to glorify God. The pursuit of excellence is worship.


The purpose of education is ultimately wrapped up in God’s mandate for human beings to create, improve, and seek the fulfillment of His creation. We do this by learning, working, building culture, and having faith that God will finish His good work.

our approach

Community Integration

With learning expeditions, education happens outside the school walls. It’s about seeing things in person. But more than that, it’s about seeing the world’s interconnected nature through the lens of your neighborhoods. By being in the community, we will flourish; the community will flourish.


Unlock your future by knowing yourself better—Your Loves, Experiences, Abilities, Personality, and Spiritual Gifts will help you approach your education with well-chosen internship experiences. Why wait until college to find out that you’re a skilled architect, artist, or engineer, or that you’re going to end up loving hospitals but preferring Hospice over Nursing? Move on from high school with confidence.

Authentic Work

Participate in meaningful, socially relevant work. Develop your craft as a writer while writing passionately about a local issue. Study government and economics by presenting a report to local governments about bringing more transportation options to South Chicago. What do you
want to show the world?


You’ll work with teachers to co-design the UCA curriculum. This means that student input is not just helpful; it is absolutely necessary. Students will have the opportunity to help design deep learning projects, create clubs, and give peer feedback. The sky’s the limit. Students will leave UCA ready to participate in—and lead—high performing teams.

Servant Leadership

Students must be given the opportunity to hone their gifts and use them for the good of others. UCA students will have plenty of opportunities to do this, connecting their faith and learning. We start with the assumption that you want to help make your school and community a better place. A UCA experience will help empower you to use your gifts for the good of others.

Heart, Mind, and Hands

The goal of the UCA curriculum is the formation of the entire person through the work of the Spirit. Learning, which proceeds from the heart, will connect our minds and our hands in relevant, rigorous, and relational work. In this way, we will use our strengths for the good of the community.