We believe an education at Unity Christian Academy is worth the investment you make as a family. We also believe that in our pursuit of excellence and diversity as a Christ-centered school, we are called to ensure that this valuable education is affordable for any family who desires to partner with us.

Economic diversity isn’t just something we just hope for; it is a core value of UCA and an added-value for our families as we seek to empower students to impact an incredibly diverse world. We hope you see this in our Tuition Policy at Unity Christian Academy.

Means-Based Tuition

A means-based approach to tuition is primarily focused on what a family can afford in relation to their Adjusted Gross Income. This amount will be determined through a thoughtful, fair and relational process with each family and facilitated through SMART Tuition.

We will be using 10% of a family’s Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) as a benchmark for affordability as well as each individual family’s financial circumstances. Whatever your tuition responsibility ends up being, know that diversity and affordability matters to everyone at Unity Christian Academy.

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Tuition Includes

All required textbooks, educational materials and day-long learning excursions (our improved version of field trips). Additional fees are occasionally charged for transportation, out of town field trips and other student activities.

In-School Meals

UCA offers breakfast and lunch that is catered from a licensed approved catering company that will be nutritious and planned by a registered dietitian. This is offered at an additional cost and is not included in tuition.